• 1. Cutting Process

    Automotive laminated glass is developed from float glass which is of thickness from 2.1mm to 4.0mm. Which will be cut into specific sizes as per the shape of the glass for different models. The one of the glasses will be printed with UV enamel."

  • 2. Bending Process

    Then these glasses kept of the specific molds inside the automatic serial bending furnace for bending according to the specific shape.

  • 3. Lamination Process

    After the bending process the glass will be laminated with polyvinyl butyral(PVB). In which two or more layers of bended glass will be PVB in between the layers through vacuum pressure, hig temberature and air pressure to make the glass and PVB film glued very tightly which mostly improve the whole lamination glass intensity. It can bear five to eight times impact strength than common float glass and even when it breaks all the fragments stick to the PVB film and will not injury the people. It will protect the passengers from injury so it is SAFETY GLASS. For automotive use laminated glass, it is extensively used for front windshield at 2.1MM-4.0mm float glass plus 0.76MM PVB film plus 2.1MM-4.0mm float glass.

  • 4. Quality Assurance

    After the process, the glasses will be checked by the quality team. Sample glasses of different models will be checked in the laboratory for light transmission test (>75%) and distortion test. We are equiped with all the equipments for testing the glasses at different levels of production and equiped with very high quality team to check the quality of the end product. The Quality Controller approved glasses will be packed for delivery.