Welcome to National Finland Auto Glass Company's website. NFC is an exciting, fast growing engineering company with a family-friendly atmosphere, a strong dedication to customer satisfaction, and a drive to provide positive technical contributions to the nation’s most difficult technological problems. Here at NFC our business operations and culture are anchored in our core values and characteristics. It is our firm belief that by embracing these values, we will achieve success"""""

R43 ISO9001-2008 B6

Established in 2002, NationalFinland Safety Glass Company; NFC is the first enterprise in the auto glass industry in United Arab Emirates (U A E). In the short period of time and a market experience of more than 20Yrs we produce wide range of Automotive Glasses, Bullet Resistant Glasses and Architectural Glasses based on different technologies. The production equipments are from Tam Glass Finland, Bavelloni , Bottero and from other best manufactures of auto glass industry machinery. Float glasses are imported from PILKINGTON, GUARDIAN and from other quality suppliers. PVB for lamination supplied by SEKISUI Japan, DUPONT USA The market has proved the strength of NFC in the comprehensive production and processing capacity of automotive, bullet resistant and architectural glasses. Our advanced technology and outstanding technical service level have also been recognized by the customers. It is no doubt that N F C can provide the high quality glass products and excellent services for the clients.""""